Harness the Power of the Sun in London with Solar HVAC

A solar-powered HVAC system from Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning could help you slash your utility expenses by up to half—and increase the value of your home in London.

The average Canadian family paid about $2,500 on utilities in 2017, according to Statistics Canada. That’s a large chunk of change—but solar may be able to reduce those expenses dramatically.

Trying to find ways to make your home more valuable? Studies have shown your home’s value could add up to $6,000 for each 1kW of solar installed.

How Does a Solar HVAC System Work?

A solar energy system harnesses the sun’s power, changing it into fuel for your HVAC system. You can also use the setup to light your home and run small appliances. Any leftover energy could potentially be sold to your utility company and earn you a credit, depending on your state’s regulations.

Plus, tax credits and rebates can make the system more budget-friendly. Ask Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.

Not only can solar energy help you save money on your heating and cooling bills, it helps make your carbon footprint smaller. A rooftop system for your home could slash carbon dioxide pollution by 100 tons in its lifetime, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

CO2 emissions add to global warming, which scientists say endangers the environment. By using a renewable energy source to heat and cool your home, you’ll benefit from energy efficiency and help make the planet healthier.

Start with Solar Today—and Expand in the Future

Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning can install a solar home energy system without big changes to your home. You can get going with a few panels now and increase your number of solar panels in the future to take full advantage of savings on energy expenses.

Prepared to put in solar but don’t have a compatible heating and cooling system? You’ll find many of our air conditioner and heat pump models are solar-ready.

You can trust our Experts to give excellent and reliable service. Our NATE-certified specialists will leave your home and yard like they found it—and will fully test your new system before they leave.

Achieving the NATE designation means our specialists are among the most outstanding in the industry. Plus, we back their Expert service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* for a year.

You won’t have to wait for a utility bill to start feeling the impact of your new, eco-friendly system. An individualized website will give your system’s energy production, environmental benefits and system status.