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Most North American homes have hard water. In fact, the United States Geological Survey has discovered that 89.3 percent of U.S. homes put up with hard water. 85 percent of Canadian homes put up with hard water. While it’s generally safe to use, it can cause some problems in your home—like mineral buildup in your plumbing, issues with cleaning dishes and clothing, decreased appliance life and dry skin and hair.

That’s where Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts can assist with water softening solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re just starting your research on water softeners or you need water softener repair, our team of specialists are here to help.

Benefits of Softening Hard Water

  • Soft water may make for easier cleaning, increased appliance life, faster water heating and a cleaner plumbing system.
  • Soft water is better at rinsing soap residue, which means you will have cleaner looking dishes, brighter clothes that don’t have soap residue trapped in them and cleaner sinks with reduced soap scum buildup.
  • You’ll also require less detergent and cleaning supplies because they won’t be counteracted by the minerals and metals in hard water.
  • Over time, hard water can cause buildup in your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and any other appliance that uses water. This buildup can shorten the life of these appliances, lower their efficiency over time and could even cause you to need repairs on these items.
You may also notice a difference in the money you’re saving on cleaning supplies, with even bigger savings when it comes to your appliances. If you think you have a problem with hard water, one of our professionals can come out to inspect your water softener and provide an idea of what’s happening. All of our work is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*, so whether you need a repair or an installation of a new water softener, we’ll get the job completed correctly the first go-round.
Maybe purchasing a water softener isn't financially wise for your household at the moment. Have you thought about rentals? At costs as low as $29.99 per month, it's easier than ever to upgrade your standard of living. Soft water means less time cleaning, more time catching summer sun or enjoying winter fires. It means softer hair and healthier skin. It means your water heater expends less energy and therefore is less expensive to operate. It means your appliances will endure and your laundry will be fresher. Think it's too good to be true? We're not done. At Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning we provide more than just a rental - we guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide all maintenance as part of the rental. 

Rental terms and conditions
If you’ve got hard water problems like a lot of people, call Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts at 226-270-1164 or request an appointment online. We’ll get you set up with a new water softener installation. 

Water Quality Alert!

Water quality varies by state and region, and is influenced by the process your water treatment facilities use, local infrastructure such as sewage systems, local industries such as mining and agriculture, and underground mineral deposits that your groundwater may be traveling through. To inform consumers, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), maintains a database of over 30 million state records of tap water tests, and made it publicly available without registration or sign up so you can research if there are contaminants in your home's drinking water. With EWG's research showing that 81% of the community utilities tested in the U.S. have chemicals linked to cancer present in them, you'll want to see for yourself what's in your water.

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