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London Plumbing Repair Service by the Expert Plumbers at Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

London plumbing repairWhat exactly is correct plumbing repair? Well, it involves understanding and foresight. Not only do we professionally repair all types of plumbing problems after they’ve happened, but we can locate problems before they start. That’s because customers like you are our priority, and our practices can prevent larger problems later. So what’s our process like?

By using our industry-leading, multi-point, whole-home plumbing inspection, we can really see what’s giving you trouble. When you schedule an inspection, we:

  • Check water pressure
  • Leak-check of toilets
  • Check exposed gas lines for leaks
  • Inspect exposed drain lines for leaks
  • Check exposed water lines for leaks
  • Examine water heater flue for proper draft
  • Check sump pump (if accessible)
  • Test battery back-up sump pump
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Inspect hose bibs
  • Inspect water softener
  • Locate minimum water shut-off

Our all-inclusive plumbing repair services in London include:

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