Air Conditioner Prices

New AC Installations: What Does a New Air Conditioner Cost in London?

How much a new air conditioning, heating, or air filtration system will cost can vary quite a bit depending on a host of factors. These variables generally fall into three categories:

  1. Lifestyle Factors:
    • The health conditions of the home's occupants (allergies, respiratory issues, and sensitivity to surroundings)
    • How the occupants "feel" comfortable (liking to cooler or warmer temperatures)
    • Hobbies and activities happening inside the house (musical instruments, crafts, wine)

  2. Building and Environmental Factors:
    • The number, design, and size of windows currently in place, the direction the home faces, and age of the home
    • Type of building, roofing, siding, ductwork, and level of insulation present
    • Geographic climate, lot size, city regulations and surrounding atmosphere including typical humidity, close-by industries, available land, and codes required
    • Utilities desired or available; solar, geothermal, gas, electric, LP, oil

  3. Contractor Risk Factors:
    • Contractor licensing, insurance, bonding, and financial constancy
    • Validity, expertise, and certification level of the employees installing the equipment
    • Satisfaction Guarantees and service level (availability and commitment to customer service)

All of these aspects and more help to determine the type, size, and level of work required to correctly heat and cool a home, which normally goes into the expense associated with the new system.

What Can You Expect to Pay?


Ranch or Smaller Residence
Up to 2000 square feet
1 or 1.5 Story
$40-$250 per month with approved financing, or $6,000 - $15,000

new ac costs for a suburban home

Average Suburban Home
2000-3500 square feet
1-3 Story
$100-$500/month with approved financing, or $8,000 - $25,000

new ac price for a luxury home

Luxury Home
3500+ square feet
Various levels or highly custom
$250+ per month with approved financing, or $18,000 - $60,000+

Potential pricing may vary depending on geographic location, personal lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance and installation of equipment and duct system.  

Due to the fact that every home’s heating and cooling system must be totally custom designed and installed, it is quite difficult for good contractors like Roy Inch & Sons Service Experts to give a specific estimate without knowing all the factors on-site that are uncovered during an in-home comfort analysis. However, we can recommend wide ranges of the probable HVAC system price based on the approximate size of a home less than 30 years old. It’s important to note that, even the price ranges above could vary much more, depending on all the factors and circumstances of a specific home and homeowner.

How HVAC Systems Are Priced by the Manufacturer (MSRP)

Central heating and cooling systems are like vehicle classes. Systems usually fall into big (and sometimes misleading) ranges of "economy", "mid-level", and "premium". However, because every homeowner is unique, each new heating and cooling system is manually installed, and because of all the previous factors mentioned, the process and ultimate pricing of a heating and cooling system could be likened to picking vehicle "Options."

Home Comfort Options

new air conditioner pricingHome comfort Options include size and efficiency, as well as air quality control, such as the efficiency of air cleaners and air filters. Air quality control systems are essential for homeowners with infants and children, people in the home with allergy or respiratory problems, or climate control issues that necessitate humidification controls. Thermostat controls are also a large part of the home comfort puzzle, and a big choice of mobile and Wi-Fi options are out there.

Other home comfort possibilities include adding the necessary amount of insulation or redesigning, correcting, and cleaning ductwork to make sure the system works efficiently. Some choices can be purchased as a set, but a lot of these options must be determined through a complete Home Comfort Analysis, which is a complimentary service we offer.

All of these options should be considered very carefully, since the best air conditioner or furnace will never correctly control the comfort of the home if the duct work, attic insulation, or air filter is deficient for the home and its residents. To find out more or get your complimentary Home Comfort Analysis, which includes your customized new system estimate, call 226-270-1164 now, or download our free eBook "Home Heating and Air Conditioning for Dummies".

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